Fade Anything (4.27+)


Fade anything you can imagine, your player, enemies… And anything else you want in your game, only your imagination is the limit!

The most complete fade system of the Marketplace:

  • Fade Nanite (only from UE5.1 and higher).
  • Fade foliage.
  • Fade Static mesh.
  • Fade Skeletal mesh.
  • Fade / don’t fade shadow of a Faded Object
  • Fade enemies (bye-bye camera bad angle problems!).
  • Fade Player Character if too close with camera (bye-bye camera bad clipping effect!).
  • Fade Anything V3.1: Control faded object’s Shadow On/Off on Faded objects (only from UE5.1 and above)
  • Fade Abything V3.1: Fade by Opacity Mask gradually using Noise (only from UE5.1 and above).
  • Fade Anything V3.2: Select Fade with or without Nanite (only from UE5.1 and above)..
  • Works also with First person character, thanks to the “Fade in front of character” mode (watch video example: Link ).
  • You prefer to Fade by component? Or by Material? Both solutions are provided, and work perfectly together (zero conflict when used at the same time).


  • Add a “FadeThisMesh” component to a mesh, or a “FadethisMaterial” function to a material, and enjoy, that’s all !!
  • You can access more detailed parameters inside every mesh’s “FadeThisMesh”, to create your own setting individually on any mesh you want (change textures/colors/materials, transition speed, transparency, size of fade effect around the player, distance offset in any direction, and many other things…)


  • Fade anything you can imagine (wall, roof, ground, enemies, houses, vehicles, little or big objects, grass, trees, landscape foliage, static or skeletal meshes…)
  • Fade any kind of player pawn attached or not to a camera (Character, car, airplane…).
  • Fade effect not only between Character and Player Camera, but also with any cameras that are active (perfect for games using several cameras in a level).
  • For advanced Fade edition, every customisable parameters are all explained inside their own comment bubble.

Fade by Component:

  • Fade anything you want between camera and player.
  • You can fade by transparency, or by using your own meshes materials, like on this example: Link

Fade by Distance Material:

  • Fade anything you want by distance to the camera (perfect on foliage).
  • This is an adaptative system, you can use it directly with your meshes materials.

Technical Details


– 2 Components.

– 4 Material functions.

– 1 Fade Material example

– 13 Fade Instances Materials examples

– 1 Map with Examples

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/fade-anything

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Asset Version (4.27+)

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