Energy Beam VFX ( with SFX ) – (5.2, 5.3)


High Quality Effect with Automatic Fade-in,Fade-Out animation Feature~Very Useful,Customizable and Well-optimized!!

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Well organized assets, high visual qulity with efficiency and good optimization!!

Override parameters for Scalable Size, Custom Color, Tall etc.. easy to use!! Dont need to understand NiagaraSystem!

These VFX have Automatic Fade-in,Fade-Out animation for 1 sec once you deactivate them. You can destroy them after 1 sec via blueprint or C++!!

There are 10 type of Unique VFX. 5 for beam VFX, 5 for Constant HIt VFX.All are Infinite Loop VFX

See if you can find out some keywords from the name of VFX below .Maybe There are some suit Your Project. Name List :


Technical Details


  •  Automatic Fade animation (as well as SFX)
  •  self Scalability(LOD)
  • Foolproof Override parameters for Scalable Size,Length,Width,Custom Color etc.
  •  Well organized assets,good name convention,high visual qulity with efficiency and good optimization!!
  • Decal VFX trigger by Niagara System

Type of Emitters: CPU

Number of Unique Effects: 10

LODs: Yes (self Scalability)

Number of Materials: 26

Number of Textures: 65

Number of Unique Meshes: 8

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


Download Links:

Asset Version (5.2, 5.3)

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