Easy Save – The Complete Save Data & Serializer System (v3.5.6)


Easy Save makes saving and loading data simple by combining a serializer and storage into one neat package. Serialize just about anything and store it to file with ease.

Technical details
Why use Easy Save?
For Amateurs…
It’s easy to use and well documented
For Experts…
A fast, feature-rich and extremely flexible save system
Compatible with
PC, Mac, Linux, Windows Universal, iOS, tvOS, Android, Steam, WebGL
PlayMaker, Bolt
Fast and lightweight serialization
Using a JSON serializer designed for Unity
Fully documented
PlayMaker and Bolt visual scripting support*
Save and load using PlayMaker actions
Access Easy Save from Bolt graphs
Secure save data with encryption
Encrypt save data
Compact files with compression
Makes files 85% smaller on average
Save & load from the cloud
Upload to cloud database using PHP & MySQL
Cross-platform save system
Use save files & code on all supported platforms
Save almost any type
Our serializer was designed specifically for Unity
Unlike other systems, it can even serialize references
Serialize data to spreadsheet
In CSV format for Excel
Much more flexible than PlayerPrefs
But just as simple to use
Unlike PlayerPrefs, it has File IO
Serializer stores data straight to file
Store strings/bytes as files

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/easy-save-the-complete-save-data-serializer-system-768

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Asset Version (v3.5.6)

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