Easy Grid Builder Pro (v1.1.1)


Easy Grid Builder Pro is a highly customizable modular grid-based building system that has Built-in support for 2D & 3D games and supports any camera perspective.

✔️Unique Features

  • 2D & 3D support with Multi-dimensional grids.
  • Multi-grid support.
  • Modular Building support with the latest v1.1.0 release.
  • Set up buildable prefabs in seconds + Auto Pivot & Scale calculation.
  • Built-in support for switching between controllers.
  • Build objects vertically with Vertical Grid Levels.
  • Highly customizable four unique grid visual systems.
  • Self-updating UI system. Simply drag & drop.
  • Easily extendable build condition system.

✔️Set up buildable objects within seconds: Auto calculate object Pivot & Scale with one click. Easily Customize and give unique features to individual objects.

✔️Support all types of Object Placements from Modular Houses to Larger Worlds (Grid Cell based placement, Free Area based placement, Grid Cell Edge based placement)

✔️Simply customize any part of the grid: The grid system allows users to customize every aspect of the grid and visuals under one component in editor mode and play mode.

✔️Extremely fast and supports 100 million cells: The system is highly optimized and provides four different visual feedback systems which can be used in different use cases. Canvas Based system lets you go over 100 million grid cells with Extremely large worlds.

✔️Easy to use: Custom editors for everything. No need for a single line of code. Also easily expandable for experienced developers with custom scripting.

✔️Suitable for any type of project: Examples: City builder games, Simulation games, RTS games, and anything where the player is required to place objects runtime.

NOTE: The showcase video & images use 3D models from a 3rd party Synty asset pack. These models are not included in this package. Instead, different models are included.

Technical details

✔️Core Features:

  • Customizable multi-dimensional Grid Axis (XZ and XY)
  • Customizable grid Width, Height, and Cell Size
  • Vertical Grid Levels for height-based buildings
  • Direct support for 2D and 3D games
  • Grid modes Build, Destruction, and Selection
  • Buildable object types (Grid Buildings, Edge Buildings, & Free Buildings)
  • Handle Object Rotation
  • Object Validation with custom materials
  • Per Object Underline Canvas Grid Visuals
  • Per Object Hold to Place and Place & Deselect Support
  • Grid-snapping objects and Grid non-snapping objects
  • Auto Grid Size Detection for objects
  • Auto Pivot calculation for objects
  • Auto Scale calculation for objects
  • Auto Grid Axis calculation for objects
  • Easily Change Inputs using a custom editor
  • Built-in Distance-based Build Conditions
  • Unity Events to support all grid-based functionalities
  • Built-in Debug system with console messages
  • Customizable & Extendable Build Conditions
  • Supports 100,000,000 grid cells (100 Million)
  • Built-in Saving & Loading

✔️Visual Features:

  • Canvas-based grid visuals (Editor & Play mode)
  • Gizmos-based grid visuals (Editor & Play mode)
  • Node-based grid visuals (Play mode)
  • Text-based grid visuals (Play mode)
  • Supports Combinations of Visual Systems
  • Self-Updating UI System
  • Modular Buildable Effects System

✔️Extra Features:

  • Modular ToolTip System
  • Basic Inventory system
  • TopDown WASD Controller
  • First/Third Person Controller

✔️Supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, WebGL, and IOS

✔️Supports Unity 2021.3+ (Tested and verified)

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/game-toolkits/easy-grid-builder-pro-239234

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1.1)

Asset Version (v1.1.0)

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