Deer Caribou and Moose (v1.0.3.1)


These are 3D models and animations of Red deer, Caribou(Rein deer) and Moose.
There are two type models(Red deer and Caribou) with two LODs.
-Red deer and Caribou’s mesh were almost same except antler and hoof.
Red deer and Caribou’s mesh have same texture coordinate except antler.
Red deer and Caribou have same rig. Hence animations are shared both models.
-Since the animations does not include the scale key, the size of each bone can be changed.
Since the body shape of Caribou is different to Red deer, Caribou’s prefab’s neck and head’s scale were changed.
-Models folder contains 9 FBX files of deer model.
DeerModelLowPoly.FBX:Low Poly model of Red deer.
DeerModelMiddlePoly.FBX:Middle Poly model of Red deer.
DeerModelTwoLODs.FBX:It contains both Low and Middle Poly mesh of Red deer.
CaribouModelLowPoly.FBX:Low Poly model of Caribou.
CaribouModelMiddlePoly.FBX:Middle Poly model of Caribou.
CaribouModelTwoLODs.FBX:It contains both Low and Middle Poly mesh of Caribou.
MooseLowPoly.FBX:Low Poly model of Moose.
MooseMiddlePoly.FBX:Middle Poly model of Moose.
MooseTwoLODs.FBX:It contains both Low and Middle Poly mesh of Moose.
Bone count:73
mesh size
LOD1: 5822tris
LOD0: 24740tris
z axis is the forward direction of root node of these models.
-Textures folder contains textures.
texture size
Red deer LOD0:4096×4096(albedo, normal, height) , 1024×1024(specular)
Caribou LOD0:2048×2048(albedo), 4096×4096(normal, height), 1024×1024(specular)
Antler:2048×2048(albedo, normal, height )
15 FBX files are contained.
77 animations are contained.
The name of the animations are listed on the screen shots.
-Demo/Scenes folder contains demo scene.
-Prefabs folder contains prefabs that is used the demo scene


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Asset Version (v1.0.3.1)

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