In order to improve the efficiency and epicness of your game, this set of cartoon fire-flame animation sprites has been prepared. It offers enough different fire effects to maximize the variety of levels in your game and make battles or their consequences more effective and visually appealing. Here you will find flames of various shapes, colors and even sizes, including the usual orange fire that can be created by explosions, the blue-green fire of powerful black mages, and fireballs that the
Archer can throw, and much more. Use this set to fill your world with epic battles that grow in scale and capture the attention of thousands of new players.

Plus, you can easily use this ensemble in numerous popular genres of modern 2D kids, including hearts, platform kids, tour-by-tour strategies, adventure, battles, side-moving kids, and more. Nonetheless.And it also has excellent adaptability. This makes it easier to integrate with game engines such as Buildbox, GameMaker, Phaser, and Godot. If you like this set but need to refine some of its elements, you can use Adobe Illustrator or another vector editor that can work with AI and EPS files.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS.

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Asset Version (v1.0)

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