Advanced Grappling System (v1.3)


The Grappling Gun can help you elevate your next project and make it more fun using grapples.This asset contains all the features needed for an Advanced Grappling Gun(Rope animation,Aim Assist,etc).It is also VERY CUSTOMIZABLE being able to adjust every variable to your liking and customize it so it fits your project.Every script is Very customizable and you can make Thousands of different Grappling guns if you play with all the settings.

The Advanced Grappling System Features:

– Rope Animation that can be change any way you want by changing the values in the inspector

– Aim Assist with Sprites with a lot of options and you can set any object,model,sprite,picture,etc that you want that shows where you will grapple when using Aim Assist

– Very Customizable you can modify every value and make the perfect grappling gun for your game,you can make thousands of grappling guns with just modifying the values of the scripts.

– Customizable Rope with materials included!

– Easily setup a new Grappling Gun with all the mechanics and features in a maximum of 5 minutes.

– Rigidbody character controller with mechanics like jump,walk,etc

– Katana Example already setup and lots of tutorials coming up

Added in V 1.12:

– NEW Editor Hub with Grappling Gun Setup Automation System

– Updated Player Controller with speed visuals and sound effects

– Rope Style Grappling Gun with custom sounds and models

– NEW Examples and NEW Models for the classic grappling gun

– Completely NEW Audio System and NEW EFX Sound Effects

– Fixed the Aim Assist Sound Bug and other bugs



Press Left Mouse Button to grapple to a certain point.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.3)

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