Advanced Building Placement (Walls, Grid) – RTS Engine Module (v2023.0.1)


RTS Engine module that provides advanced systems for building placement such as grid placement and segmentation placement (allowing for placing walls).

Module Features

  • Grid placement:
    • Enable buildings to be placed in a grid on the map.
    • Define the area that each building occupies.
    • Define visual indicators and markers for local player faction placement by showing the status of the cells of the building to place area as well as the cells surrounding it.
  • Segmentation Placement:
    • Place segments of a building type allowing for placing walls on the map.
    • Customize segment placement by defining special buildings types to use in the first or last segment as well as a special building that will replace segments periodically.
    • Place segments on the grid or freely in the map depending on what is enabled.
    • Allow segments to snap into already existing buildings, limiting the possible direction and rotation that the segments will take.
    • Support for placing walls such as converting a wall segment into a gate that can open/close, allowing units to move to the other side of the wall segments.
  • Faction Entity Seller: An entity component that allows a faction to sell a unit or a building and get resources for it. The component also works on buildings that are yet to be completely constructed for the first time, allowing to cancel building placement.


RTS Engine

The Unity RTS Engine is a framework that includes essential tools and systems necessary to create a Real Time Strategy game. It manages maps, units, buildings, resources, building placement, movement, UI, tasks, AI, combat, singleplayer, multiplayer and much more! Create your RTS game easily from the editor, making your models come to life by dragging and dropping components and configuring properties on the inspector.

The RTS Engine comes with an API that allows you to customize the behavior of the asset even further as well as create your own modules on top of the base asset, use them among different projects and share them with other creators!


Asset Version (v2023.0.1)

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