Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide


Are you in search of a highly thorough instructional guide that will help you learn Photoshop Element? Here it is, then. The material in this work is thorough, relatable for first-time users, and simple to read. This book’s information was carefully prepared to help you through every aspect of photo editing making use of the useful Adobe Photoshop Element tool.

This book is going to get your proficiency to a place at which you are comfortable working with Elements on your own given that it comes loaded with detailed instructions, and easy to follow explanations. Within, you will uncover the remarkable settings, tools, and features available in Photoshop Element as you discover how to use them to the fullest effectiveness.

This book is intended to offer you with all the knowledge and abilities necessary for transforming photographs into stunning creations of art, irrespective of where you are at on your photo editing path. The mentioned shortcuts, tips, and techniques continue to be useful and will make working with the program much easier.

You will discover how you can use Photoshop Elements to manage your photo library, arrange photos, trim and resize images, remove inconsistencies and unnecessary elements, alter contrast and color, apply amazing filters and effects, use Camera Raw, and carry out an extensive number of other tasks.

This is an overview of a few of the topics that were addressed
Learning How To Use The Home Screen
Getting The Photo Editor Started
Performing Basic Edits in Quick Mode
Making use of the History Panel
Learning How to Share a Photo
Concepts for Basic Image-Editing
Making A Resolution Decision For Printing Or Onscreen
Learning All You Need to Know About Resolution
Color Management
Understanding File Formats
How to Calibrate Your Monitor
Discovering How to Navigate the Organizer
How to add Files From Removable Media and Folders
How to Organize Media and Photos on a Hard Drive
How to Place Pictures on Maps
How to Create and Album and Add Images to an Album
Learning to Work with Events
How to Find and View Your Images
Dealing with Catalogs
Learning to Catalog Files
Making Use of the Catalog Manager
Learning All You Need to Know About Camera Raw
How to Edit Camera Raw Images
Learning How To Use The Raw Editor
How to Sharpen and Reduce Noise
Making Use of the Basic Panel
How to Make Selections and Modify Selections
Making Elliptical and Rectangular Selections
How to Adjust Contrast and Brightness
How to Adjust Highlights and Shadows
How to Adjust Skin Tone
How to Adjust Saturation and Hue
How to Adjust Skin Tone
How to Use The Healing Brush Tool
Sharpening and Blurring
How to Straighten Images
Using the Eraser Tool
Working with Adobe Photoshop Element’s Special Filters
Understanding Layers and Working with Them.
Making Use of Photo Merge
Understanding Blend Modes
How to Select Color
Using the Color Swatches Panel
How to Personalize a Swatch Panel
Painting and Drawing
Using Brush and Pencil Tools
Working with Custom Patterns
Dealing with Patterns
Applying Patterns
Understanding Type
Learning About Text on Custom Path
And countless more

If you’re looking to advance your skill, have only recently begun, or just have a need for motivation and cool concepts, methods, and hacks, this is the book to pick up.


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English | 2023 | ASIN: ‎ B0C4M2NCFK | 111 pages | True EPUB

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