Zelda – Sci-Fi Girl (v1.0)


⚔️ Low-poly model of the character Zelda – Sci-Fi Girl

Suitable for games of different genres: RPG, strategy, first-person shooter, etc.


  • Character physics are not included in the project
  • Animations are not included, we can assign any humanoid animations from the store
  • For the correct display of materials, you need to use a double – sided shader


This rig is made on the basis of the humanoid skeleton, the bone hierarchy was left by default. For convenience, additional bones have been created, with them you can apply physics to any parts. For the rig, the Maya tool was used, without the use of third-party plugins, without controllers.


Zelda – Sci-Fi Girl

📝Faces – 19303 Verts – 35576 Tris – 29700

Technical details

Number of textures 36

Texture dimensions 4096

Maximum polygon count 29700

Number of meshes/prefabs 2

Rigging: Yes

Animation count No

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information (count, number of levels) No

Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR) Yes

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/humanoids/sci-fi/zelda-sci-fi-girl-227850

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Asset Version (v1.0)

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