Ultimate Low Poly Mining, Cave & Blacksmith Pack – Ores, Gems, Props, Tools (v2.1)


The package contains 1156 unique mining, cave and blacksmithing assets (including 52 particle effects).

In addition, for some assets (gems/crystals, mining tools), different color variations are included, leading to a total amount of 2649 assets.

Technical details


The overall polygon count varies from 12 tris (Wooden Beam) to 8.54k tris (Mine Entrance), the average triangle count is 564 tris.


All meshes share the same 256×256 texture to increase performance and are ready to use for your PC/Mobile game and VR/AR experience.

Besides the standard material, 2 optional materials are included for 3D assets: A transparent material (e.g. water) and an emissive material (e.g. crystals, gems etc).

For particle effects, 5 different materials are included in the package.


Supports all Render Pipelines. For Universal Render Pipeline (URP) a small guide is included within the package (Read Me). The adjustment only takes a few seconds.

Pivot Points

Pivot Points adjusted to be at the bottom of the mesh (since version 2.1). Simplifies the procedural placement of objects on a terrain.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/ultimate-low-poly-mining-cave-blacksmith-pack-ores-gems-props-to-189279

Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.1)

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