TNT Flexible Locomotion System.Multiplayer Ready v3.4 (5.2)


What is TNT Flexible Locomotion System?

TNT Flexible Locomotion System is a plug-in of Unreal Engine. It contains almost all locomotion content in 3A action games. All functions are designed for multiplayer games and are easy to integrate into other projects.

This product comes from a 3A action game under development and will continue to improve and evolve as the project progresses.

With TNT Flexible Locomotion System, you can save several years and a lot of money to develop the same functions and all features.

Technical Details


  • Easy Integration 轻松集成
  • Modular Data Driven 模块化数据驱动
  • No Skeleton restrictions, all mesh can be used 无骨架限制,所有模型都可使用
  • Animation layers and Animation states to create endless possibilities 动画层和动画状态创建无限可能性
  • 4-Direction jump 4方向跳跃
  • Almost all animations on the market are supported 商城里绝大部分动画都可直接使用
  • Orientation Warping 方向扭曲
  • Stride Warping 步幅适配
  • Free Climbing 自由攀爬
  • Ledge Climbing 岩架攀爬
  • Dynamic wall detection 动态墙体检测
  • Adapt to different terrain 适应不同地形
  • Grapple Hook 钩爪
  • Dynamic Ziplines 动态滑索
  • Gliding 滑翔
  • Parkour 跑酷
  • Wall Run 跑墙,轻功
  • Multiplayer Ready 多人游戏就绪
  • More Features Coming Soon… 更多功能更新中…

Code Modules:

  • TNT_Locomotion[Runtime]

Number of Blueprints:68

Number of C++ Classes:46

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: PC, other platforms have not been tested


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Asset Version v3.4 (5.2)

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