Tech Tree Editor Designer (4.26, 4.27, 5.0)


Editor graph designer (layout & logic) for Tech / Skill Trees. Defining trees with graphic never was simpler!

Graph Editor Extension for defining Widget Graphs for both layout and logic.

Easy to use editor

  • Feels like any other build-in Unreal graph editor
  • Add new nodes for tech / skills wherever you want
  • Edit properties by selecting node
  • Change layout style – background, lines, arrows, widget for nodes and many others 
  • Get widget ready to use in UMG and Runtime!


  • Define your own skill struct or use the ones that already exists in your game
  • Render tech / skill tree as you like by creating your own UMG widget for use in the skill tree, derived from a special UMG Widget providing everything you need.

In Game

  • New Skill Tree Asset type for use in game
  • A Slate and UMG widget renders the tree in game, you can add them anywhere in your UI
  • Every function you need to work with skill trees will exposed to blueprints
  • Save and load the state of a tech / skill tree in a regular Unreal Save Game without trouble

Technical Details


  • New type of asset Tech Tree
  • Editor graph designer for tech trees
  • Widget representing provided Tech Tree
  • Example project with three different trees (horizontal, vertical, custom round)
  • 11 technologies defined
  • 18 textures

Code Modules:

  •  TechTree (Runtime) – contains Model (data which are serialized), TechnologyTree, TechnologyTreeManager
  •  TechTreeEditor (Editor) – module responsible for editor node extension and asset definition

Number of Blueprints: 9 (5 BP, 4 widgets)

Number of C++ Classes: 26 – 7 (runtime) / 19 (editor)

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Platforms: Win32, Win64, Mac, Linux


Download Links:

Asset Version (4.26, 4.27, 5.0)

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