Survival Animset Pro vol.2 (v1.0)


This pack contains 60 survival and crafting themed animations for Third Person Perspective (TPP) characters.

IMPORTANT: Animated props require additional setup on your character. Your character should have adult human proportions.

The animations are ideal for open world and sandbox survival games, where you camp, have to drink and eat, build shelter, craft weapons, cure wounds etc. They are also very helpful for NPC characters populating rural and fantasy worlds.

This pack does not contain a character controller.
The animations are baked on Autodesk HumanIK structured skeleton (native for Maya and Motionbuilder) and are in FBX format. The skeleton is the same in all Kubold packs, except for the extra prop and IK bones, which are specific to Survival Animset Pro.


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Asset Version (v1.0)

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