Super Platformer Editor (v2.0.2)


Super Platformer Editor is a bundle including ( Super Tilemap Editor and Smart Platform Colliders ) to create platformer games using the best of both tools.

Use Super Tilemap Editor as a powerful level editor based on a grid and Smart Platform Colliders to take care of the physics and platformer control.
With Super Tilemap Editor you can place prefabs using a tilemap, draw the level using tiles and generate the colliders adding colliders to the tiles.

With Smart Platform Collider you will have a smart collider to manage collisions with the ground (not passing through even at a high speed or using edge colliders), with moving platforms, slopes and ground imperfections, applied forces, etc.
Also including two platformer controller:

  • One with trajectory guidelines to make it easy to adjust the parameters, and a basic number of features like climbing walls and stairs, jumping.
  • And the other made to be used with a rigidBody or rigidBody2D.
    And lots of examples of use.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.0.2)

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