Stylized Water 2 (v1.6.6)


Highly customizable to suit your art direction through various parameters. This package focuses on providing artistic freedom, rather than a realistic water simulation. Easy to use and self-documented

⚠️ It is expected you understand what the Universal Render Pipeline is, and have already converted your project to it before purchasing.

  • Shader requires the depth texture option to be enabled in URP in most cases, check how this affects your draw calls first.
  • Water is transparent, so any depth-based post processing effects will not affect it (inherent to how 3D rendering works). Integration for several fog renderers is included (details)
  • Network-syncronized waves is possible through a simple API call (details outlined in documentation)
  • Intersection foam is based on the vertical distance between the water, and the object/pixel below. It’s technically not possible to exclude specific objects from the effect.
  • Tessellation requires DirectX11+, Metal or Vulkan rendering (automatically falls back if not supported)


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.6.6)

Asset Version (v1.6.1)

Asset Version (v1.6.0)

Asset Version (v1.5.5)

Asset Version (v1.5.4)

Asset Version (v1.5.2)

Asset Version (v1.5.1)

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