Speech Recognition using Google Cloud [VR\AR\Mobile\Desktop] Pro (v4.3.1)


Speech Recognition using Google Cloud a true tool for Unity which provides functionality for:

• The recording of voice and the recognition of it

• Setup of Speech Context

• Support of 120 languages and variants

• Fast Speech Recognition

• Offers selection of pre-built models, tailored for your use case

• Automatically transcribes proper nouns and context-specific formatting

• Full included Google Cloud Speech REST API*

• Runtime Voice Detection feature


• Be sure to read the terms of service of Google Cloud Speech Recognition

• The plugin does not cover the cost of Google Cloud Service

• The plugin does not include Google Cloud Storage API – it means Long Recognize can record only 60 seconds of an AudioClip

In Pro version – Full source code Included!

Most necessary for communications in VR\AR games and applications!


• Works with il2cpp.

• Tested on:






• Works with Unity Cloud Build.

• Doesn’t support streaming speech recognition*

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/ai-ml-integration/speech-recognition-using-google-cloud-vr-ar-mobile-desktop-pro-72625

Download Links:

Asset Version (v4.3.1)

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