Smart Library – Asset Manager (v2.2.2)


Smart Library boosts your project’s organization by adding the Library window. Allowing you to organize assets in to collections so that you can easily find the ones you want during content creation!


  • Asset Organization: Organize assets of any type (prefab, material, audio, or anything else!) by reference in to multiple collections in the new Library window.
  • Collections Tree: Collections can form a hierarchy and be reordered and parented to one another for further organization.
  • Drag & Drop: Drag assets from collections in the library window to anywhere in your project just like the Project Browser.
  • Rules: Collections have a list of rules which let you define conditions an asset must meet to be allowed in the collection.
  • Collection Types: There are multiple types of collections to help you sort and organize assets quicker and more efficiently.
  • Standard Collections: Manually curate the assets in the collect by drag & dropping assets in to the collection in the library window.
  • Smart Collections: Fully automatic collection that finds assets in the project that match its rules, and removing assets from the collection that no longer do.
  • Compound Collections: Sources its assets from other collections, and or its subcollections. Works great as a parent to multiple collections.
  • Extensible API: Use the API to manipulate collections through code and create your own collections and rules to suit your project’s needs.
  • Undo Support: Complete undo & redo support including creating and deleting collections.


  • Enhanced Previews: Custom previews are generated for assets shown in the Library window with nicer lighting and higher resolution.
  • Multiple Views: View assets in the Library window in either a grid or list view.
  • Selection Independent: Selecting assets in the Library window shows them in the Inspector, but will not move the project browser, so you don’t have to worry about losing your place.
  • Fast Workflows: The Library has full keyboard support, multi-select, double-click to open an asset (or ping – preferences option).
  • Find What You Want: The Library window has search and order for assets, and more human readable asset names, and small type icon for assets, all to find the asset you are wanting quicker and easier.

Technical details

  • Minumum supported version of Unity is 2020.3.
  • For Unity 2020.3 QuickSearch 3.0.0-preview or newer is required. Preview packages must be enable to be able to add it from the Package Manager.
  • Organize assets in to collections to find them easier.
  • Highly extendable – Create custom collection and rule types to suit your project’s needs.
  • Smart collections that automatically find assets in the project that match it’s rules, and adds them to the collection.
  • Full source code included.


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Asset Version (v2.2.2)

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