Simple Mobile Ads (v1.7)


Hi, devs! I’ve made a simple wrapper for different ad networks. Basically, the idea was that you install plugins, setup keys and placement IDs. And then just show ads with 1 call. You don’t need to learn SDK docs, initialize plugins, load and reload ads, subscribe to events an other boring things. The wrapper hides low-level things and provides unified high-level functions like showing ads. Moreover, it supports waterfalls based on Remote Config, so you can setup what to show first based on eCPM data at runtime.

● Supported ads: UnityAds, AdMob, IronSouce, Vungle, YandexAds
● Basic formats: Interstitial, Rewarded and Banner
● AdManager, an unified wrapper for all networks
● You can add new networks support by adding new adapters
● Remote waterfalls using Remote Config (separate for each ad type)

Setup steps:
1. Chose ad networks: UnityAds, AdMob, IronSource, Vungle, YandexAds (at least one). Start from AdMob if you’re new with ads.
2. Visit ad provider websites and register, add your app, create ad placements. Get App Key and Placement IDs.
3. Download and import official ad packages for Unity (for chosen networks).
4. Add AdManger to your scene and enable ad networks.
5. Adapter components will be added next to AdManager. Setup App Key and Placement IDs for each adapter.
6. Show ads with ShowInterstitial, ShowRewarded and ShowBanner.
7. Enable [Custom Proguard File] to keep java libs if [Minimize] is enabled (proguard-user.txt included, just in case).
8. Check device logs with adb logcat to make sure that everything is fine.

Waterfall setup steps:
1. Enable Use Remote Waterfall in AdManager.
2. Import Remote Config from Package Manager.
3. Open Remote Config and create string keys: AdManager.Waterfall.Interstitial, AdManager.Waterfall.Rewarded, AdManager.Waterfall.Banner.
4. Set comma-separated values “IronSource,AdMob,UnityAds,Vungle” (change priority if needed), press [Push].
5. Run and check logs in Console.

What to do with other networks? Mediation? Bidding?
1. Visit Get started section.
2. Enable AdMob mediation, choose networks (for example, AdColony or AppLovin).
3. Install adapters for selected ad networks from Choose networks section.
4. Run on a device an check logs from AdapterAdMob.


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Asset Version (v1.7)

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