Shader Graph Baker (v2024.1)


Editor and runtime tool for baking Shader Graph nodes into a common texture file(s). Useful for creating procedural, gradient, noise or custom effect textures, generating normal and other types of maps, optimizing shader by replacing a complex set of static nodes with just a texture, creating frame atlases, generating image sequences, Texture2DArray and Texture3D assets.
Tool bakes into a texture only those nodes whose data is available (can be adjusted and previewed) inside the Shader Graph itself and cannot be used for baking mesh, camera or any scene object related data.

Supported Unity versions:
• Only the latest LTS versions of Unity 2020.3, 2021.3 and 2022.3 are supported.
• Unity alpha and beta versions are never supported.
• Unity ‘tech release’ versions are not officially supported.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2024.1)

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