Selection Keeper for Unity (v1.2.0)


Keep your selection across scene loads and play mode changes.

✔️ Keep things selected across scene loads.

Usually your selection is lost once another scene is loaded. This plugin restores your selection after each scene load in PLAY mode.

✔️ Full source code included

✔️ Tiny files size (< 40 KB)

It is pure code which is placed in Plugins/Editor by default.

✔️ Compatible with Unity 5.4+, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, ..

Yes, it’s been around for a while 😉

⚙️ Installation

Download the Asset and import it into your project. You are done, no additional setup is needed.

A new menu called “Selection Keeper” will be available under “Tools” in the main menu bar. Go check it out once the import is done.

Info: the asset files will be copied into /Assets/Plugins/SelectionKeeper/Editor. The settings and manual files will be created in the same location.

⚠️ Known Issues

* Objects which are marked as “Do not destroy on load” will not be re-selected in PLAY mode. This is a Unity limitation.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.2.0)

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