Scifi Melee Weapon Pack (4.27+)


There are 3 styles and each style has 5 different types of weapons. Each weapon has nearly unlimited customization options with 3 color-changeable areas, adjustable metalness, roughness and a level of wear/damage.


Everything is clearly labeled within the base material, material instances and the dynamic material instance is already setup in blueprints for ease of use. All are built to the same scale and texel density.

The weapons included are:
3 Large Swords
3 Short Swords
3 Spears
3 Axes
3 Daggers

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
LODs: Auto
Number of Meshes: 15
Vertex Count: 500-3000
Collision: Yes
Number of Materials: 36
Number of Textures: 16
Texture Size: 1024
Intended Platform: All (though tested on Windows and Android)


Download Links:

Asset Version (4.27+)

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