RetroDebug (5.2)


Introducing RetroDebug, the revolutionary in-game debugging tool for Unreal Engine.

Compatible with C++ and Blueprint, RetroDebug allows for easy, powerful and intuitive in-game runtime debugging.

Developers can effortlessly add new debug entries to watch variables, execute functions, change variables or console cvars, all through intuitive and responsive UI.

RetroDebug UI can be interacted with gamepad, keyboard or mouse.

Variables can be added to a small, non-intrusive Mini Debug Window that remains in the viewport after the main debug window is closed, keeping critical information at your fingertips.

The clean and organized hierarchy of RetroDebug’s debug entries makes it easy to add entries of the same type under the same category, while automatic sorting by entry type streamlines the debugging process.

Furthermore, RetroDebug comes with a range of predefined debug entries for Unreal Engine profiling, allowing for easy debugging on devices where an external keyboard is not available.

RetroDebug also includes an in-game log viewer and simple command box to execute console commands.

Additionally, the option to add Unreal Console commands to execute entries with or without parameters, complete with auto-completion and tooltips, adds even more flexibility and power to the debugging process.

RetroDebug supports binding input actions to entries, allowing for even greater control and customization.

Trust RetroDebug to take your debugging to the next level and ensure the highest level of ease when developing your game.

Technical Details


  • Easy in game inspection for any variable.
  • Modify inspected variables.
  • In game console log viewer.
  • Execute console commands.
  • Execute custom events.
  • Hierarchical menu.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Predefined entries for unreal profiling.
  • Mini Debug widget.
  • Use Unreal Console to execute entries.

Code Modules:

  •  RetroDebug, Runtime.

Number of Widget Blueprints: 11

Number of C++ Classes: 15


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