Procedural Books (5.1, 5.2)


With one single blueprint you can create thousands of instanced books. The script consists of 3 instanced books with 3 different instanced materials. Populate an entire library with just 1 simple script and edit the parameters to your liking.

Technical Details


  • Easy to replace the books to your own set of books.
  • Easy to replace the textures to something else.
  • The blueprint is commented to make it easy to understand and follow how it’s made if you want to expand on it.

Exposed Parameters:

  •  Create Random Seed (Creates a random seed for your book generation)
  •  Seed (A seed that determines the generation, can be written to provide a specific book generation)
  • Length Of Row (The number of cm to determine the length of the bookshelf
  • Space Frequency (How many random spaces should be in your row of books)
  • Random Space (From what max range to have your spaces)
  • Rotation Frequency (How many random rotated books should be in your row of books)
  • Random Rotation (How big the angle of rotation should be)
  • Random Position (How big the difference in depth the books should be placed at)
  • Random Height (The random height of all of your books)
  • Random Width (The random width of all of your books)

Number Assets:

  • 1 (BP_Books_01) Procedural book generation script
  • 1 (M_Books_01) Master material for the books
  • 1 (M_Base_Color_01) Master material for the Example map
  • 1 (MF_Gradient) Material function that is used in the master material
  • 1 (Example) Level to showcase the different uses for the books
  • 1 (MI_Base_Color_01) Material instance
  • 3 (MI_Books_01-03) Instances of the material with different color setups
  • 3 (SM_Book_01-03) Static meshes to be used as the books
  • 9 (T_Books_01-03_B, N, R) Textures to make up the materials for the books

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

Linux: (Yes)

Documentation: (No)


Download Links:

Asset Version (5.1, 5.2)

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