Niagara Curves and Surfaces (5.0, 5.3)


The Asset Pack includes a collection of high quality Niagara FX that you can use as a starting point for your own creations. Additionally, the pack comes with a set of parameterized Module Scripts that can help you build custom FX from the ground up, allowing you to create effects that follow specific shapes and patterns.

The Shapes can be categorized into following types –

  1. Curves – These are geometrical shapes that are defined by Polynomial Functions. Some of the basic curves are Circles, Ellipse, and Parabolas. Few examples of Curves from this pack include Star, Helix, Cardioid, Heart.
  2. Primitives – These are the most basic and fundamental geometrical shapes. Examples include Polygons, like Quadrilaterals, Triangles, Hexagon, etc.
  3. Surfaces – These are geometrical Shapes which are defined by a set of points in 3D space, and each surface has a shape and a size that are determined by the position and orientation of these points. Examples include Ellipsoid, Sphere, Cylinder. Few examples of Surfaces from this pack include Astroidal Ellipsoid, Corkscrew, Funnel, Helicoid.

With the Asset Pack, you’ll have access to a range of Niagara FX that are ready to be customized and adapted to your needs. Whether you want to use them as is or modify them to fit your vision, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. And if you want to create your own FX from scratch, the included Module Scripts provide a solid foundation for building effects that adhere to a specific design. With this Asset Pack, you’ll have all the tools you need to quickly and easily create stunning visual effects

Technical Details


  • High quality Niagara FX: A selection of professional-grade visual effects that are ready to be used or customized in your projects.
  • Customization options: The ability to tweak and adjust the included FX to suit your specific needs.
  • Module Scripts: A set of parameterized scripts that can be used as the building blocks for creating custom FX from scratch.
  • Shape and pattern control: The ability to create FX that follow specific shapes and patterns, thanks to the included Module Scripts.
  • Quick and easy creation: The Asset Pack provides you with the Emitters and corresponding Niagara Systems derived from them, as starting points to quickly start developing your own FX from a given shape.

Type of Emitters: GPU

Number of Unique FX: Curves (26) , Primitives (1) , Surfaces (8)

Number of Module Scripts : Curves (27) , Primitives (1) , Surfaces (8), Others(6), Functions(3)

Number of Advanced FX : 3

Number of Variation FX : Curves (34) , Primitives (3) , Surfaces (8)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


Download Links:

Asset Version (5.0, 5.3)

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