Nature Package (v1.3)


Designed to quickly and easily create high-quality vegetation. Includes various models of trees, pine trees, flowers and stones.

Attention: Pack is made for HDRP. For URP and standard renders, you need to reconfigure materials and post-processes.

To correctly display natural assets, you need to compile the Diffusion Profile. It doesn’t compile automatically. You need to select any material of nature and click fix.

Pack support unity:
● Unity 2020.2.6f1 and higher

Render Pipelines:
● HD Render Pipeline 10.3.1 and higher

This pack includes:
– 32 trees and bushes
– 9 rocks and stones
– 39 types of grasses and flowers
– 8 ground textures (4 diffuse, 4 normal)
– 2 demo scenes include
– Range of Tris (Min and Max) – 2-13400 tris
– Texture Sizes from 128×128 (grass) to 4096×4096 (trees)
– All mesh have a LOD


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.3)

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