Multiplayer Horror Bodycam (5.2)


Elevate the fear factor in your games with our ultra-realistic Horror Bodycam Asset for UE5. It’s your key to delivering intense, heart-stopping horror experiences. Immerse players in terror like never before.

Step into the realm of intense fear with our Multiplayer Horror Bodycam Controller for your Unreal Engine projects. Our controller offers a unique horror immersion experience by emulating a realistic bodycam view in your games. With features such as adjustable shake, distortion, noise settings, creating a terrifying environment for your players becomes a breeze.Why choose the Multiplayer Horror Bodycam Controller? 📹

As a game developer, we know that time is invaluable. Our controller lets you skip the hassle of developing complex systems from scratch, freeing up your time for game creation. What does this controller offer? This asset delivers a comprehensive bodycam system designed to instill fear. It includes an immersive flashlight where the camera rotates after your flashlight, running, walking, headbobbing, realistic door interaction & adaptability to various environmental conditions. It’s 100% blueprint, easy to understand, well documented and expand upon!

Technical Details


  • Multiplayer Ready: Every feature fully supports multiplayer replication for fluid gameplay.
  • Immersive Interaction: Doors use a camera focus rectangle for enhanced immersion.
  • Customizable Settings: Modify headbob, movement, post-processing, and fisheye settings to your taste.
  • Ultra-real Bodycam: Deepen the gameplay with an ultra-realistic bodycam view.
  • Blueprint Clarity: Well-documented blueprints with helpful sections like “add your sound”.
  • VHS Overlay: Boost aesthetics with a nostalgic VHS overlay.
  • State-Specific Headbob: Unique headbob features for every state.
  • Flashlight Integration: Camera smoothly tracks flashlight movement with easy toggle on/off.
  • Camera Realism: Mimics a genuine camera with zoom-in and zoom-out functionality.
  • Blueprint Architecture: Entirely designed in blueprint for easy understanding and expansion.
  • Horror-Ready Vision: Limited and night vision tint heightens suspense, perfect for horror scenarios.

Number of Blueprints: 8

Input: Flashlight [F], Interact [E] & ZoomIn&Out [Right Click]

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


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Asset Version (5.2)

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