Multiplayer Car Shooter (v3.9)


What can I do with this template?

Use Multiplayer Car Shooter for any 3D shooter game project involving arena battles!

Technical details


✔️ Documented clean and simple code

✔️ Full support

✔️ Mobile controls and keyboard input included

✔️ Includes the Inventory Engine

✔️ Complete Power Up System

✔️ Includes complete UIX System

✔️ Ad Networks (UnityAds)

✔️ Includes Leaderboard System

✔️ Complete car synchronization (position, rotation, speed, bullet shot, animation)

✔️ Automatic Matchmaking

✔️ Vehicle Selection System

✔️ Health is implemented over the network

✔️ 3D Environment

✔️ 3D Vehicles included

✔️ Complete map selection system

✔️ Complete room creation system (includes private rooms)

✔️ Easily exchange and/or add new content

✔️ Create game and join with players around the world – Supported platforms: Windows| Mac | Linux | Android | iOS | UWP | WebGL


Download Links:

Asset Version (v3.9)

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