Modular military character 2 (v1.4)VIP 


Character have 112 modular skeletal meshes with several skins for each module:

11 Heads, 18 bodies, 3 shirts, 3 pants, 3 boots, 7 tactical vests, 9 outfit pouches, 3 helmets, 4 caps, 9 head equipments, 4 backpacks, 3 firearms, 2 holsters, 18 vest patches, 7 radio, 8 military equipments.

Modules allow you to assemble several millions different characters.

High-quality hands for first-person mode.

HDRP & URP support.

Technical details

Number of textures: 236

Texture sizes: 2048 x 2048, PNG-Format

Minimum polygon count: 11 363

Average polygon count: 19 876

Maximum polygon count: 26 181

Number of meshes/prefabs: 26

Rigging: Yes

Animation count: 13

Animation type list: crouch, death, run, walk, walk backward, strafe right, strafe left, idle, roll, jump, punch, recoil, rifle reloading.

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information (count, number of levels): No

Types of materials and texture maps: PBR


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.4)


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