Mobile Controls – RTS Engine Module (v2023.0.1)


Module Features

  • Support for main camera touch controls:
    • Panning: One finger touch, drag and drop to pan.
    • Zoom: Two finger touches that move closer or further away from each other to trigger a zoom in or out.
    • Rotation: Two finger touches that move in a circular motion to trigger a positive or negative rotation.
  • Local player faction building placement:
    • Touch support for dragging and dropping building placement instances with special UI elements that allow for placement rotation, completion and cancellation.
    • Support for advanced building placement (segmentation/wall placement and grid placement).
  • Example mobile friendly Basic UI components.


RTS Engine

The Unity RTS Engine is a framework that includes essential tools and systems necessary to create a Real Time Strategy game. It manages maps, units, buildings, resources, building placement, movement, UI, tasks, AI, combat, singleplayer, multiplayer and much more! Create your RTS game easily from the editor, making your models come to life by dragging and dropping components and configuring properties on the inspector.

The RTS Engine comes with an API that allows you to customize the behavior of the asset even further as well as create your own modules on top of the base asset, use them among different projects and share them with other creators!


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Asset Version (v2023.0.1)

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