MetaVolts Music Maker Generator Tool (5.0, 5.2)


MetaVolts is an easy to use controllable in-game music making synthesizer that creates endless musical and experimental audio for songs/loops/noise/ambience using MetaSounds.

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This MetaSounds Asset Pack has 3 ready to use songs and 1 procedural generated song made by Shape Noise. The pack includes 20 custom MetaSounds utility modules designed from the perspective of a modular synthesizer system.

MetaVolts is the first edition of an ambient synth game music maker constructed 100% inside of MetaSounds. Easily add the MetaSound song files to your project and instantly have background music. Explore the MetaSound source files to customize your sound design pallet via knobs that control synth patch parameters.

It’s easy to use out of the box, just drag and drop song files into a Level or interface with MetaSounds from Blueprints/C++ to do more advanced things. You’ll find plenty of control over the instruments inside the MetaSounds source files by adjust controls and expanding the patch.

The assets are well organized and color coded so it should get you up and running with MetaSounds quickly if you’re new to this creative technology – especially if you know a little about audio synthesis. Even if you don’t know how to synth, it’s easy to experiment and learn!

This is an early phase release of the tool set and will grow rapidly over time with additional Modules and Songs! You’ll get all the future updates at no additional costs.

Connect with me and share your feedback on your social of choice @shapenoise.

Have fun! Thanks for your feedback in advance! 🙂

Technical Details

Disclaimer: This product supports MetaSounds for Unreal Engine 5+.

To enable MetaSounds in your UE project

  1. In the top right corner Select Settings > Plugins
  2. In the Search field type MetaSound
  3. Enable the MetaSound plugin by Checking the box next to it’s title
  4. Restart the UE editor to Activate the plugin


  • 4 endless electronic ambient songs made by Shape Noise using only the included MetaVolts Modules
  • 20 MetaSound source files designed under the influence of “Modular Synth Modules”
  • Built 100% with MetaSounds inside of Unreal Engine 5
  • Never ending game music for background, soundtracks and UI
  • Easy to control sound and save custom songs to use in your levels

Number of MetaSounds Files: 22

Number of Audio Wavs: 0

Number of Audio Cues: 0

Sample rate / bit rate: N/A

Does music loop: (Yes/No) Yes

Minutes of audio provided: Infinite and beyond!

Supported Development Platforms: All!


Download Links:

Asset Version (5.0, 5.2)

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