Materials Conversion and Layer System for Daz3D Imports (5.2+)


Are you tired of spending countless hours fixing the materials of your characters, only to be left disappointed with the final result? Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with the complicated and time-consuming process of using Unreal Engine to create your characters? Say goodbye to all those struggles and frustrations with our revolutionary character customization system!

Our product is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Daz3D’s Genesis 8, 8.1, and 9 models, providing you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly and effortlessly apply textures, makeup, tattoos, and other customizations to your characters. Our system offers unparalleled control over the look of your characters, utilizing the most updated, cutting-edge materials available in the industry.

You no longer have to spend endless hours struggling to get your characters to look just right. With our system, you can achieve the perfect look for your characters in just a matter of minutes! This revolutionary character customization system is designed with artists, game designers, and filmmakers in mind, providing an extensive range of materials and presets that take your character creation to the next level.

With the latest advancements in material design and technology, our system offers a powerful tool to easily and quickly create stunning, unique characters with ease. And with regular updates and additional content packs on the way, the possibilities are truly endless.

Our system offers a powerful layer system that allows for unparalleled control over your character’s appearance. Whether you’re an artist looking to create simple renders with metahuman quality or a game designer looking to integrate our system into your character creation aspects, the layer system is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used to achieve a wide range of effects.

By adding multiple layers of makeup, tattoos, and other customizations to your character, you can experiment with different combinations and styles, giving you complete creative control over your character’s appearance. And the best part? Our system utilizes Unreal Engine’s Real-time capabilities, meaning that you can make changes to your character’s appearance and see the results instantly.

So whether you’re an artist or a game designer, our system has everything you need to create stunning, unique characters with ease. With its powerful layer system and seamless integration with Unreal Engine, the possibilities are truly endless. Download our system today and start creating the characters of your dreams! Don’t waste any more time, get started on bringing your characters to life today!

Technical Details

*DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY MODELS, You must upload your own from Daz Studio!!

NOTE: Eye materials require special geometry. Please refer to documentation.

  • Easy drag and drop conversion of skin, eye, hair and mouth materials.
  • 3 female skin presets and 3 male skin presets with texture maps.
  • Material layer system for instantaneous character alteration and customization.
  • Over 70 layer presets for make-up, tattoos, scars, face-paint, blemishes, freckles and cloth.
  • Cinematic lit testing and showcase map.

Included Assets:

185 Materials

475 Textures

Texture Resolutions: (512,1k,2k,4k,8k)

LODs: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes) Mac: (No)


Download Links:

Asset Version (5.2+)




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