Matchmaking v2023.10.11 (5.1)


Team matchmaking for Unreal Engine! No matchmaking servers needed and no monthly fees!


  • Team matchmaking for Unreal Engine
  • Skill-based matchmaking using Openskill algorithm
  • Supports any team arrangement (4v4, 3v2v1, 20 teams of 4, etc.)
  • Cross-platform with Epic Online Services
  • Queue players solo or in a party
  • No matchmaking servers required
  • Just a few blueprint nodes to get started
  • Joins players to multiplayer listen servers for you
  • Searches for and connects players to dedicated servers for you
  • Optional C++ API for more advanced functionality

Technical Details

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, macOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: All platforms supported by Unreal Engine and EOS


Download Links:

Asset Version 2023.10.11 (5.1)

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