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Master Materials & Layer System for Daz3D Imports:

This new product builds upon and integrates elements from my previous system, the Materials Conversion and Layer System for Daz3D Imports, with additional enhancements tailored for real-time application in games. It includes a blueprint setup that allows for dynamic material parameter adjustments at runtime, which facilitates on-the-fly character customization. This setup centralizes common parameters like roughness and tint color in the details panel, applying changes across all UV spots/body regions simultaneously for streamlined editing. In addition, some basic makeup (eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick) have been added to the base material for runtime usability. This has also been done for the tattoo system.

Furthermore, the MM&LS is optimized for game performance, utilizing a single base material that can be instanced for each character, ensuring efficient memory usage and performance. This version of the system diverges towards game use, providing tools for integration into animation blueprints and game scenarios, while the original system is just the base materials with layers and is meant for those wishing to set up their own dynamic parameters and blueprints.

The new system (MM&LS) is meant to be a head start to any wanting to use the materials in game with things like the dynamic parameters and tattoo and makeup that can be changed at runtime. It also allows for all the instances to be changed at once via the details panel for much, much quicker and less complicated character customizations. The Materials Conversion is just the base materials and requires each material instance to be changed independently.

As the game-focused counterpart to the Materials Conversion and Layer System, which is specifically designed for cinematic use within Unreal Engine 5, the Master Materials and Layer System (MM&LS) for Daz3D Imports ushers in a new era of optimization and versatility for game developers. Balancing the highest standards of quality with the unique demands of game environments, MM&LS offers a suite of innovative features and functionalities tailored to the ever-evolving landscape of game design.

Notable Features of MM&LS:

  • Single Base Material for Multiple Characters: Revolutionizing texture management, MM&LS enables multiple characters to share a single base material layer. This approach significantly reduces the texture load, making it an ideal solution for games featuring diverse character rosters.
  • Dynamic Instancing and Parameters: With dynamic instancing and material parameters, MM&LS streamlines the customization process. These features allow for rapid, uniform changes across different characters, ensuring a cohesive look while providing room for individual nuances.
  • Virtual Textures for Enhanced Performance: MM&LS harnesses the power of virtual textures to optimize performance without sacrificing visual fidelity. This advanced technique ensures that even the most detailed textures have a minimal impact on resource usage.
  • Ease of Use and Time Efficiency: MM&LS prioritizes user experience with its intuitive design. Parameters are easily accessible within the Unreal Engine’s details panel, reducing the time and complexity traditionally associated with material adjustments.
  • Runtime Customization Options: The system stands out for its capability to facilitate changes during runtime. Dynamic material parameters for makeup and tattoos can be adjusted on the fly, offering unparalleled flexibility for in-game character customization.
  • Integration with Widget Blueprints and HUDs: MM&LS extends its versatility to user interfaces. Dynamic material parameters are fully compatible with widget blueprints and HUDs, enabling real-time visual feedback and interactive experiences.
  • Blueprint-Driven Character Appearance Dynamics: The system’s deep integration with Unreal Engine blueprints opens up possibilities for dynamic state changes in character appearances, responding to in-game events, interactions, or environmental factors.
  • Hyper-Realistic Mouth Material: Exquisitely detailed mouth material that delivers stunningly lifelike textures and shading, enhancing the overall realism of character facial expressions.
  • Advanced Eye Material: Revised Unreal Engine advanced eye shader, enhancing realism and expressiveness in character models.

MM&LS is more than just a material system; it’s a comprehensive solution built with the needs of modern game developers in mind. Whether you’re creating an expansive open-world game or an intimate narrative-driven experience, MM&LS is equipped to bring your characters to life with efficiency, quality, and unparalleled customizability.

Technical Details


  • Unified Material System: Single master material approach, streamlining asset management.
  • Texture Efficiency: Minimizes texture use, suitable for multiple characters using shared texture sets.
  • Dynamic Instancing: Utilizes dynamic material instances for flexible, per-character customization.
  • Runtime Customization: Features dynamic material parameters adjustable during runtime for skin, tattoos, and makeup.
  • Virtual Textures: Implements virtual texture technology for enhanced performance and detail.
  • Quality and Performance Balance: Optimized for high-quality output while maintaining performance efficiency in UE5.
  • Versatile Skin Tinting: Offers Standard and Fantasy skin tinting options for diverse character designs.
  • High-Resolution Tattoo Support: Allows for color and opacity adjustments, ensuring tattoos adapt seamlessly to various skin tones.
  • Ease of Use: Drag-and-drop functionality for easy application of features like tattoos.
  • Advanced Customization: Compatible with layering techniques for detailed character personalization.
  • Tutorial Resources: Accompanied by comprehensive tutorials for customization and usage.
  • Hyper-Realistic Mouth Material: Exquisitely detailed mouth material that delivers stunningly lifelike textures and shading.

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances: 82

Number of Textures: 509

Texture Resolutions: 512, 1K, 2K, 4k

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)


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