The “LEVEL TRANSITION SYSTEM” is a system to display an animated Level Transition and/or important information between your levels. Create stunning, three-dimensional and AAA quality transitions for your levels in just a few clicks!

Container System

Thanks to our simple and understandable documentation, anyone can use the system without being an expert in C++ or Unreal Blueprints. In fact, you don’t need any programming experience at all! Thanks to the flexible and efficient “Container Management System”, anyone can create their transition without writing a single line of code.

Each container contains a heading, an information text, an indication of the minimum time to be spent in transition, a mesh for the rotating actor and an indication of the rotation speed of the rotating actor. The import of the containers into the Transition Manager is already done automatically, so you can always modify the container structure and use the new values directly.

The containers will be randomly selected as long as you did not specify a custom container when you started the transition.

Custom Save System

So that we can work with values over different levels, the values are written in a custom Save File directly at the trigger event for the transition. This file is then loaded at the beginning of the transition level where the values are then read and updated if necessary.

In this way, the system knows, for example, to which level it should finally load. Furthermore, we can prevent the self-container from being loaded twice in a row, which can significantly increase the user experience.

Spawning Manager

To avoid problems after loading into the new level, we have developed the Spawning Manager. This takes care among other things that you can spawn the player at one or more positions selected by you. But even if you don’t want to spawn the player with the spawning manager, it should be placed in your levels, because it also performs other important processes, such as resetting the input mode.

HUB Map Layout

To illustrate how easy it is to travel from level to level we have created a HUB level that connects several levels. From the HUB you can load into four different levels which can then load back into the HUB or another level. A diagram of how exactly the demo levels are structured in this project can be found in the documentation. The levels have been equipped with the free Easy Grid material so that they can be clearly distinguished from one another.


  • 6 Levels (Transition Scene Included)
  • Easy Grid Material
  • Distortion Material (See product pictures and demo video)
  • Glowing Materials
  • 10. Blueprints
  • Transition Widget
  • Fade Widget (Fade in / out Animations)

Added in last update:

  • Direcly enter the Destination Level at the Transition Trigger Blueprint
  • Increased usability (Out of Box principle)
  • New Technical Documentation
  • New Level Layout + Level Design
  • New Materials (EasyGrid Materials / Distortion Material / Glowing Materials)
  • Custom Save System to work with values across multiple levels

Fixed Bugs:

  • The input error (No Input after loading in new Level) was fixed
  • Removed unnecessary Game Instance
  • More performant “Spawning Manager”


  • HUB: The HUB is a demonstration level which connects 4 different levels. The HUB shows how easy you can travel between different levels and how you can customize your Transitions with some easy clicks.
  • Demo Levels: The Demo Levels are 4 different designed levels, used to demonstarte traveling between maps.
  • Transition Level: The Transition Level is loaded between changing levels. In here you can design and customize your loading transition.

Currently Working on:

  • Adding Async Loading

Technical Details


  • Level Transition in just a few clicks.
  • Custom Save System
  • Container Managment System
  • Easy Grid Material
  • Distortion Material
  • Spawning Manager

Number of Blueprints: 10 Blueprints

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Not tested)

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/level-transition-system

Download Links:

Asset Version (5.0)

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