KWS Water System (HDRP Rendering) v1.4.04


Water System is a module based component allowing you to simulate such water surfaces as an ocean/sea/river/lakes/pool/etc. Water System targeted at PC/console platforms and HDRP rendering.


  • GPU waves simulation with multiple cascades (to avoid tiling)
  • Physical approximation of lighting (volumetric lights and shadows, absorption, scattering, caustics, sunshafts)
  • Physical approximation of reflections using fast screen-space projected reflections (several times faster than other SSR methods), camera planar reflections, cubemap(probe) reflection
  • Physical approximation of refraction in screen space with dispersion (using water IOR)
  • Physical approximation of caustics relative to water depth and waves (with dispersion).
  • Underwater effect with partial submersion
  • Underwater sunshafts/volumetric lighting with caustics
  • Shoreline waves rendering with foam particles
  • Flow rendering using flowmaps (integrated flowmap painter)
  • Fluids simulation for static objects (rivers) with foam rendering
  • River system using splines
  • Buoyancy
  • Dynamic ripples
  • Rain effect
  • VR supported (PC target platform)
  • Various meshes: infinite mesh(ocean), finite box (pool), spline rivers, custom mesh
  • Lod system with tesselation or quadtree rendering
  • Writing to depth buffer (for correct posteffects like ‘depth of fields’)
  • Video/text description of each setting in the editor.
  • Fog compatibility (in one click) with third-party assets for Expanse, Time Of Day, Enviro, Atmospheric height fog.


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Asset Version (v1.4.04)

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