Input Keys Icon Pack V2 (4.27+)


This pack contains 456 icons including all supported Unreal Engine’s keyboard and mouse buttons and gamepad buttons.

Also contains 6 decorator blueprint for rich texts.
You can use this pack for tutorials or showing a specific key to the player for doing something.
There is also a blueprint function library that you can search a specific key and get its texture.
All icons resolutions are 128×128, 128×256 or 128×512.
You can also download the customized decorator for free, you can change icon size in text with it (2 c++ files): Download Link

How to use above cpp files:
Add it to your project
Derive a blueprint class from it
Use it in your rich text

Technical Details
Decorator Data Table and Blueprint
Keyboard Icons
Mouse Icons
PS Icons
XB Icons
VIdx Icons
HV Icons
OQ Icons
Searching Through Icons
Number of Blueprints: 16
Number of Textures: 456
Texture Resolutions: 436: 128×128, 20: 128×256 and 128×512
Number of Widgets: 1
Supported Development Platforms: All platforms


Asset Version (4.27+)

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