Infinity Tiles (4.26+)


Simple procedurally generated Infinite Tiles for your next looping visuals. Blueprint based only!

UPDATE Highlights:

  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Additional Features and Template

For details please see Change Log at the end of Documentation PDF

This is a set of procedurally generated tiles using Blueprints. They are perfect for looping animations, background visuals and music videos. Using a few simple meshes and some modest math in Blueprints, it is possible to create intricate design that is both striking and exclusive. The product comes with some base meshes and Blueprints to help you make your own unique design. Settings are exposed in Blueprints via variables for easy adjustments. In addition, Materials Instances can be customized for that personal kind of look. This product comes with 8 pre-made tiles. Also include a Sequencer template that can be used to render out the videos.

Technical Details


  • Easy to configure and use
  • Total of 8 pre-made tiles
  • Easy material adjustments via material parameters
  • Helper Blueprints to further generate dynamic designs from base meshes
  • Includes 19 static meshes
  • Includes 61 pre-made material instances
  • Has 4K texture sets for each mesh

Number of Blueprints: 21

Input: None (Inputs are not required)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes (64-bit) Other platforms may work but not supported


Download Links:

Asset Version (4.26+)

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