Ignis – Interactive Fire – URP/HDRP (v2.1.7)


Want to play with fire? If yes, then Ignis is just the right tool for you. With Ignis you can convert any object, vegetation or skinned mesh with bones to a flammable object and it will automatically catch flame. The flames can then spread, ignite other objects, be extinguished by particles or raycast or be burnt out naturally. Ignis – Interactive Fire System is designed to be easy and fast to use.

Ignis comes with a suite of customization options. For example, if your object is not fully wooden or you want only some parts to burn, do not worry: you can easily set up your object to flame up exactly the way you want it to.


☑️ Easy setup! Just click “Convert to flammable” from the object menu and your object is converted automatically.

☑️ Custom flames! Customize color, length, burn time, liveliness, smoke and more.

☑️ Supports solid 3D-objects, vegetation and animated objects with bones!

☑️ Customization/automation exactly the amount you need! Use automatic and fast setup for your flammable object or customize to your needs. Customization options include for example: Global Illumination, SFX, flammable areas and re-ignition.

☑️ 8 Fire VFX styles! Choose just the right style of flame for your game. You can also customize and create your own flame with Visual Effects Graph.

☑️ Interaction with fire! Use your own particles or raycast to ignite or extinguish the fire. Fire will also automatically interact with wind.

☑️ Custom triggers and event callbacks! Example use cases: Explode a barrel after burning it for 5 seconds, destroy structures or damage player.

☑️ Great performance! Ignis uses Unity’s VFX graph to simulate particles on GPU lightning fast!

☑️ Sample scenes for URP/HDRP/Standard RP!

☑️ Open code/graphs! All the code is done with C# and graphs are made with Unity’s graph editor, so you can customize them exactly to your needs.

Compability can be added manually with:

☑️ Almost any shader by just telling correct shader parameter names in one setting/scriptable object.

☑️ Interaction with almost any weapon/usable object by using one script. Scripts: Raycast Ignite, Raycast Extinguish, Particle Ignite, Particle Extinguish. For example add Raycast ignite to your area effect (molotov etc.) or Particle Extinguish to your water particle system and they will interact immediately!

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/ignis-interactive-fire-urp-hdrp-181079

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Asset Version (v2.1.7)

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