Idle Business Manager Game (Tycoon Template) v1.0


Idle Business Manager is a management clicking idle game! The only thing you need to do is clicking and watch your capital grow rapidly while purchasing businesses.

Starter Game Kit project for learning how to build an tycoon game.

C# source code included.

* Traffic System

* IAP Purchases (First purchase, Remove Ads, x2 Earnings, Hire Advisors) *MUST ACTIVATE IAP AND SET THE CONFIGURATION AND PRODUCTS AT THE PLAY STORE*

* Save System – Auto save and auto load between sessions

* Hire random advisors to get advantages and boosts

* Unlock business and upgrade them to boost profits

* Mobile ready (Android)

* Offline/idle profit calculator

* Speed boost multiplier

* Earnings multiplier

* Prefabs for businesses, quests, advisors, cars, FX


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0)

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