Hologram (LWRP / URP) v1.1


Simple and fast hologram effect for your game! Shader build on top of PBR master nodeinteracts with other lights, can cast shadow.

Hologram shader contains:

– Glitch effect – for some reason Hitech holograms have glitches/artefacts why? I don’t know but you can find this effect in my package too! You can control intensityspeed and frequency of this effect or just disable it.  (effect based on vertex offset)

– Flickering effect – addition to glitch effect, control frequencydurationpattern of flickering. Pattern is controlled by texture, two different pattern textures included.

– Scanlines effect – probably the most important effect to achieve hologram effect, you can select if scanlines are based on object or world position (useful for moving/animated objects), scanlines pattern is based on texture for better customization options, three scan lines pattern textures included. You can also control the tiling factor and speed of scanlines.

– Albedo texture – hologram don’t have to be one color only, you can attach your model albedo texture and control its tint and alpha parameters to achieve the effect you want!
(supports only one texture per material)

– Rim lighting – adds depth to hologram, makes it look more cinematic, control rim light tint and power!

Works with LWRP / URP only.
(LWRP version 6.9.1 or newer)

Looks the best in dark sceneries with bloom enabled

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/hologram-lwrp-urp-161392

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1)

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