Fullscreen Editor (v2.2.8)


Play, develop, test, and record your game in Fullscreen directly from within the editor.

Plug ‘n’ play, it works out of the box;
Great performance, optimized to disable rendering of views that are not visible during fullscreen;
Multi-screen support, use as many monitors as you want;
Configurable to best fit your needs;
Fullscreen for any window, even the whole editor;
Clean code.

An extension that does what its name says, it puts editor windows in fullscreen mode, simple and easy, useful for recording, testing in a real gaming environment and tweaking your scene.
Everything is still fully functional in fullscreen.

How to Use
Simply press the shortcut to fullscreen a window or close it, defaults are:
F9 for any focused view;
F10 for game view;
F11 for scene view;
F12 for the main view.
These shortcuts can be changed anytime in the preferences menu.

Technical details
Additional Features:
Fullscreen on play: Works just like maximize on play, but with fullscreen;
Mosaic: Lets you configure one game view for each display, this helps testing games that support multiple displays;
Span: Span one fullscreen window across multiple displays;
Editor Fullscreen: Fullscreen Unity’s main window;
API: Create, toggle and destroy fullscreen views using C# methods, supports any kind of Editor Window;
Keep the state: Changes made to the window during fullscreen are kept after exiting fullscreen.

Supported Platforms:
Windows: All features available, out-of-the-box multi-display fullscreen;
macOS: Not tested on multi-display setups;
Linux: Requires wmctrl to be installed and a EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager. Has some features limitations.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/fullscreen-editor-69534

Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.2.8)

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