FOV Enemy Detection (v2.0)


New V2!

– New option to let players cut off the FOV

– Cleaned up code what makes it easier to modify and built on

– Performance improvenements so you can have even more FOV

– Easier implementation of patrol points

– Expanded bullet functionality

– Propper support for multiple players at once

– More demo scenes

– Easier intergration by using UnityEvents


– Field Of View sight mechanic

– Having multiple enemies and multiple players at once

– patrolling between custom defined points

– Chasing the player when spotted

– Shooting at the player 

This is an easy to use drag and d-rop script and very customizable to fit every game. You can make an enemy patrol between custom defined points and if they see the player they will move towards them while shooting. If you escape the enemy they will go back to their patrol.

This asset includes 3 scripts, one sprite, a bullet prefab and a demo scene. All of these can be modified to your own liking for futher instructions take a look at the documentation pdf. This asset is really flexible and easy to use in your project, it can be used as an enemy guard patrol AI with just a few simple instructions that are explained in detail in the instructions pdf and the documentation pdf.

If you ever need a robust enemy AI you can just use this asset and tweak it for your project. This asset does not require any additional programs or assets


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Asset Version (v2.0)

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