FANTASTIC – Halloween Pack (v1.3)


This pack contains 100 unique assets to create your own graveyards! Customize your gravestones with modular pieces, decorate your scenes with spooky assets and add remains of unlucky travelers to spice up your halloween soup!

You also get the demoscene as seen in the screenshots and video. Detailed documentation included to get you started.

All assets have a custom Lightmap UV in the second channel and colliders. All models are mobile-friendly.


3D assets:

33 modular gravestone assets, 20 preassembled gravestone blueprints, 5 stonegraves, 4 columns, 9 shrooms, 2 trees, broom, 2 buckets, 1 bucket filled with candy, 7 candles, 3 coffins, 4 dirtpiles, 2 leafpiles, 4 carved pumpkins, scythe, shovel, 9 bones, including skulls, 2 ribs and 1 pelvis, 3 spiderwebs, streetlamp, well, wheelbarrow, witchhat


  • Stylized particle effect for candle fire and groundfog

Technical details

Textures: 24 Base Color Textures, 8 Normal Maps, 2 Emission Maps

Texture dimensions: 1 8192×4096, 28 2048×2048, 2 512×512, 2 256×256, 1 64×64

Polygon count: 10 – 620 tris

Number of meshes: 106

UV mapping: Yes

Lightmap UVs: Yes

Colliders: Yes


Rigging: No

Animations: No


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.3)

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