DinoFracture – A Dynamic Fracture Library (v2.7.1)


With DinoFracture – A Dynamic Fracture Library, you can break apart any mesh in your scene to create fragmented pieces. Meshes can be broken apart either at runtime or in the editor, allowing for optimal performance across all devices.

You can both shatter an object into many pieces (as in throwing a vase on the ground) or slice an object in half using user-defined planes (great for cutting enemies in half with a sword).

Example usages include:
Break glass windows on impact
Chip or crumble walls and columns
Explode barrels and crates
Annihilate doors after activating a switch
Smash fruit with a hammer
Cut zombies in half

Technical details
Works with Unity 2018 – 2022
Fracture any mesh, even while the game is running! Skinned meshes included.
Shatter into many pieces or define your own slicing planes.
Initiate shatters at a point of your choosing. Great for clustering pieces around a point of impact.
Easy to use API with example scene included
Detect and view mesh topology errors in the editor.
Most common topology errors can be fixed during the fracturing process.
Joints are transfered automatically when connected objects are fractured.
Models can be “prefractured” for optimal performance directly in the editor. Slicing is fully supported by adding and manipulating slice planes directly in the scene view.
Fracture many objects at once in the editor
Works across all platforms, including WebGL
Incredibly optimized results. The generated pieces produce the minimum amount of triangles required.
Fracturing is threaded on platforms that support multi-threading.
Many helper scripts to ease common functionality such as starting a fracture on collision, playing a sound effect when fracture occurs, and notifying other objects of fractures.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/physics/dinofracture-a-dynamic-fracture-library-26599

Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.7.1)

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