Compass Navigator Pro (v9.0)


Compass Navigator Pro is a powerful UI component (horizontal compass + minimap HUD) commonly used in adventure, RPG and world exploration games to show destinations and point of interests (POIs) as well as text indications.

This package includes:
• rich and customizable compass bar (14 designs),
• mini-map (12 styles + custom) + fog of war system,
• 11 unique, hand-drawn, high quality icons in 2 colors each (22 icons in total),
• 5 audio clips for the reveal effect.

Key Features:
– Easy to use – drag & drop prefab and you’re set!
– Event system to react to location discovering (check manual), icon appearing/disappearing on the compass or mini-map, mouse over/clicks on minimap icons, …
– Easy to extend or understand. Uses Unity UI system.
– Documented API. Demo scene and manual included.
Horizontal Bar and POI (Points of Interest) Key Features:
– Custom designed and customizable compass bar with 14 art styles (rounded, angled, celtic black and white, 4 fantasy, 6 sci-fi and custom) with adjustable vertical position, bending amount, width, alpha, edge fade and fade in/out effects.
– Compass UI bending option can render curved compass bar.
– High resolution icons with customizable behaviour (smooth fade in/out and scaling, visited vs non-visited icons, black and white variations).
– Add your own icons or use the icons included in the asset: cave, city, dock, dungeon, forest, lighthouse, mine, monolith, palace, tower, generic.
– Supports cardinal and ordinal points plus half winds.
– Can focus on one POI, making its icon always visible in the compass bar.
– Option to automatically hide if no POIs are visible.
– Integrated Menu Items to quickly create new POI game objects or attach a POI component to an existing game object.

Revealing Text & Effects:
– Show animated text under or on top of the compass bar when discovering new locations.
– Show optional title with location tips (above/below) and distance in meters for the centered POI in the bar.
– Can play audio clips when locations are discovered. 5 high-quality sound clips are included.
– Can use two icon variations per POI, to differentiate unexplored and explored locations.

Mini-Map Key Features:
– Optimal mini-map system, uses smart snapshots to capture map only when needed. Highest performance.
– 12 ready to use styles + custom: torn paper, solid box/circle, 6 fantasy, 3 sci-fi variations.
– Configure size, style, alpha, zoom range, camera snapshot mode and projection, zoom range, icons size, etc. Includes buttons for zooming in/out, maximize.
– Support of LUT textures for unlimited color customization.
– Ability to show the real world view or a custom user map/texture.
– Different mini-map styles.
– Full screen mode.
– Map icons with optional text overlay.
– Hide unexplored areas in the mini-map with the fog of war feature.
– Clear entire fog areas based on fog volumes or easily clear fog as player crosses the area.

– Light Beacons! that briefly highlight the visible POI in front of your player view (check out the video demo below). Works great with Beautify’s bloom.
– Heartbeat option: plays custom audio clip at variable interval rate based on distance.
– Can show in-scene gizmos during playmode, like active destination icon, which helps the player to get to the exact point.
– Supports multiple scenes (eg. existing POIs can preserve their visited state between scene changes).

– Supports Unity 2020.3 and up.
– Compatible with Standard, URP and HDRP.


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