Cloth Dynamics (v2.0.9)


Cloth Dynamics is a fast and advanced particle-based physics system mostly running on the GPU with compute shaders.

Some parts of the C# source code depend on Unity’s Burst, Collections and Shader Graph packages.

– One of the fastest GPU based cloth simulations.
– Unified solution for character clothing.
– GPU Skinning (with Unity Standard- or Dual Quaternion Skinning)
– Cloth interaction with unity colliders based on SDF calculations.
– Quicker loading times with pre-cached data.
– Per cloth adjustable solver data.
– Simple LOD system to fade between skinned mesh and cloth sim.
– Cloth proxies: drive high resolution meshes using low-res simulations.
– Independent compression, stretch and bend constraints.
– Cloth can collide with itself and other cloth pieces.
– Supports all standard Unity colliders plus stretched spheres and round cones.
– Automatic camera culling.
– Mesh collision with a point-to-point system (using vertices or triangles).
– Mobile support (only primitive collisions e.g. spheres, cubes,… ).
– Full source code included.
– No WebGL Support!

Easy-to-use integrated editor tools:
– Automatic character setup for bone-driven colliders.
– Fast Vertex painter and vertex color transfers.
– Garment tool to create cloth in Unity.

Technical details
– Fast gpu clothes physics using compute shaders.
– Powerful vertex color painter included.
– Automatic colliders generator for humanoid characters.
– Garment tool to create cloth meshes inside the editor.
– No WebGL support!


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Asset Version (v2.0.9)

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