Cinematic TCG Realistic Anime Collection (5.2)


Embark on an exploration of finely crafted realism with this extensive collection of over 100 realistic anime trading cards. Each card in this compilation showcases a unique, high-quality anime character in an intimate close-up view. Every face has been meticulously designed to encompass the depth and subtleties of emotions, offering an unparalleled realism that will enrich any gaming environment.

Offered in high-resolution PNG format (2216px by 3250px), each card promises an impeccable level of clarity, ensuring an immersive user experience. The transparent backgrounds allow for smooth integration into your game environments, creating an effortless blend between your existing graphics and these striking new additions.

Whether you’re enhancing the narrative, diversifying your character gallery, or providing additional collectibles within your game, these trading cards promise to be a compelling addition. They present the opportunity for game developers to widen their audience’s engagement, deepen their in-game interactions, and provide new dimensions to their storytelling. This collection of trading cards brings a fresh dynamic to any game, adding an extra layer of visual richness and interactive enjoyment.

Technical Information:

107 Individual PNG’s at 2216px by 3250px resolution

Technical Details

107 Individual PNG’s

Image sizes: 2216px by 3250px

This pack has been developed with the assistance of generative AI software, Photoshop & Lightroom


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Asset Version (5.2)

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