Binnacle: Minimap, Radar & Compass (v1.1)


Multi-functional compass, radar and mini map GUI pack. Easy to set up and customise.

The compass is perfect for large and small maps, always know which direction your player character is facing.

Assign markers to anything you want to track on the radar. Allow your player to know the position of enemies and items.

Styles to suit many games. Each style has an example preset option for both first and third person.

• [NEW!] Markers stick to the edge of the radar when out of range!
• Easy setup with prefabs, typical first and third person styles.
• Easy to customise to suit your game.
• Compass can be static or spinning to follow the players view.
• Set your own North.
• Assign markers to any object you want to track.
• Customisable radar range.
• Easy to edit, fully commented scripts.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1)

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