Auto Material Setup v1.02 (4.26+)


Auto Material Setup is an easy to use asset to cut development time for importing textures and creating materials in half.

The asset was mainly designed for textures coming from SUBSTANCE PAINTER. But it has also functionalities to work

for any texture setup based on freely editable texture suffix patterns.

A simple right click on the assets you wish to auto setup displays the auto material setup functions.

Asset does not need any packaging and your project will never depend on it.



  • Added support for UDIMs and Virtual Textures


  • Added support for UE5

Technical Details

  • Asset is standalone and does not need any packaging
  •    Asset requires free in engine “Editor Scripting Utilities” by EPIC
  •    Automatic setup of MULTIPLE! materials with textures imported from SUBSTANCE PAINTER at once
  •    Automatic setup of sRGB value for Substance Painter textures
  •    Automatic setup of ONE! material at a time with NON SUBSTANCE PAINTER textures based on texture suffix
  •    easy to use with right click on assets
  •    easy accessible settings
  •    purely editable Blueprint Utility based, no code
  •    examples provided inside the asset folder

Number of Blueprints: 1

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)


Download Links:

Asset Version V1.02 (4.26+)

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